Adding Value to what we hear and what we see.

Part one.

Many times we browse haphazardly over things that can be a life changing or life saving issue, there is so much out there that we do not know what is of value and what is just plain junk or rubbish that will just clutter up our lives. Today I want to caution and challenge you to put value on what you can see and hear on this website, yet bring it to you in a way that you will realize that there is truth that you need to give heed to, because of its value.

Firstly you may have browsed because of a point of interest or a real need that has drawn you to start to seek and look for answers, secondly you may have entered by chance or let me put it to you in words that can describe it more accurately Devine appointment and the pulling and guiding of Destiny. It can be your prayer or cry is being heard or that of those who care about you enough and have made prayers on your behalf, it may even be chance if that is how you would prefer to put it, whichever way you have arrived here, put VALUE to it, it is important to you and your loved ones.

Lets take this a step further and bring it to you so you may respond in a way that it is meaningful to you, it could be that you have doubted yet you see and hear it, it is right before you, you may be of another faith with different beliefs yet in front of you is something of great value and you recognize it, this may even challenge some of your beliefs and even your culture. You may be of the same faith as me yet you have never seen this or have been taught otherwise, to you I say the evidence is clear and without a hidden agenda. Even to you who have concluded that there is no God and that man is your only solution to all our problems, then to you I say you have pondered and spent much time to examine what you have come to believe, look again and spend more time, here is something of great value to you.

Now lets ask ourselves how are these miracles done and by what power or force is it done?

I know the answer yet I want you to understand so I am going to take you to it in a moment, I will be going to the Scriptures and in this case to the Holy Bible as a base for what I am going to say to you. This may not be your choice but bear with me as I take time to bring it to you and even if you do not put the same value on it as I do, give me this moment and respect it as wise words or another version of what you believe if you must.

Depending on your faith base you may see it in a different light, yet the Holy Bible and even some other Holy scriptures bring us to Jesus of Nazareth who according to scripture and historic writings walked the earth about 2008 years ago and He did these miracles that made the people of His time also ask by what power and in who name do you do these wonders. He was a righteous man before God and the people, yes and even much more yet the rulers of His time rejected Him and His claims and killed him on a Roman cross, yet it was God's plan that he might suffer and die so that in return God would raise Him from the dead and make atonement for us through Him.

These are all historic facts now and after He rose from the dead gave instructions to His followers to go in His name and do these miracles in all the world as a testimony to the fact that God has redeemed Him from the dead and that he has in return paid with His life to redeem all mankind from the powers of darkness. He also told them to wait in Jerusalem until they received power from on high. Then at an appointed time the same power that was in Jesus came down and filled his disciples so that from that time until today His disciples have gone and declared His resurrection with signs following.

It is in the Name of Jesus of Nazareth and in the Power of the Holy Spirit that these miracles are done, this is the most precious and valued discovery you can make and for me to tell you is only a part you need to discover and experience Him for yourself. This may be were reservation or doubt can overtake you and steal from you the most valuable good news you have.

Let me help you quickly........

It is written all who call upon the name of Jesus will be saved.....lets call together and out aloud.

If you have sincerely done this, make contact with me and I will send you some literature and also pray for and give you guidance.

You may also speak to God in prayer and say in Jesus name I pray.......

Today you are a child of God and my brother or sister in Jesus name.....................Welcome home dear child of God and be at peace.

Evangelist Ricky van der Walt. 
Scripture readings that can help you.

Isaiah52vs13>15 and Isaiah 53vs1>12......John 3vs1>21......Mark 16vs15>20........Luke24vs44>49.......Acts4vs1>12

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The Word of God coming to you through cyberspace.......who would think God can speak to you over the internet.......this is the times we are in are privileged as God implores you through me, over the internet to be reconcilled to him......Make your peace with God is your time and now is your move.