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Contact Details:
Making contact with:  Evangelist Ricky van der Walt 


Sms: 0794930849 (local South Africa)
           27794930849 (International)

South African Office:



Postal Address:

PO Box 4402,
Aston Bay,
Eastern Cape.
South Africa.

Email Address In Order Of Priority:

Website In Order Of Priority

Welcome to our resource center, at this point we are busy with upgrading and categorizing our resources into the many easy to order and use formats, we have 
years of audio tapes in many different languages that needs to be edited and put on cd. We also have hundreds of hours of video recording we are editing and hope we would be able to make dvd,s of all. There is so much and we now have the software and the skill to bring the revivals into your home, we also have high speed duplicating equipment now. Brothers and sisters these are really our most precious reminders and faith building material that even as we are busy editing the fire of God is shaking us. We have some that are available, miracle dvd's and You don't have to die, in vcd. Many hours of digital audio recordings of us praying and miracles happening right there and then, Wow......Even demons crying out as they leave. Our request is if you are looking for a specific subject contact us now and we will go out of our way to get it to you...this will also help to motivate the editing team to work faster. Thank you and God Bless you as you order. The Africa Ministries International Teams.