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Making contact with:  Evangelist Ricky van der Walt 
email: ricky@allafricamissions.org.za 


Sms: 0812710937 (local South Africa)
           +27812710937 (International)

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PO Box 4402,
Aston Bay,
Eastern Cape.
South Africa.

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Welcome To Our Prayer Center.

1. For prayer use this on-line form and we will get back to you. You and your situation are important to God so don't hesitate, we are ready to do His bidding.

2. If your situation requires immediate or urgent attention please state it and you can also send an Sms message with your details, you must still fill out the form and inform us in form and Sms so we can link them.

3. If you only require us to pray anonymously for you or your situation please leave a contact so we can confirm our prayer has been brought before the Lord Jesus.

4. If you require prayer clothe to be sent to you or loved one we require a minimum donation of 12$ USD to cover postage and costs and you need to give full postage details and a complete description of situation and name of person to be prayed for. Also link your details by mentioning it in so we can recognize your donation and your prayer request, our donation form allows you to do this. If your situation does not allow you to pay we will put it to prayer and cover it from donations of others, yet we strongly encourage you to donate as this is like a step in faith and God honors faith.
5. If it is possible to attend one of our outreaches to seek healing please contact us first to confirm as dates and places could change without prior notice.
6. Our earnest request to you is that you firstly give thanks to God for your healing and then send us your testimony to encourage us and others like you who need to hear and receive faith to heal them or their situation, if you want to remain anonymous we will not use your name or personal detail in testimonies. Photos of before and after would be appreciated and may be used at our discretion.

Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to meet you and to pray for your situation.

The Prayer teams of Africa Ministries International.

If You Have Been Re-directed.
Please be patient with us as we are busy with the content of those pages, if you need to request help with a need or any other request please use the link to email us we are ready and willing to help where we can, thank you for your patience.