1 About Evangelist Ricky van der Walt
2. Mission Statement
3. Commission/Vision
4. about us
5. Our Projects
6. The forgotten Soldier


Since 1987 when the Lord saved evangelist Ricky Van Der Walt, God has continually led him to the nations. God strategically move him from his high position as future electrical engineer, down the mines and back on the tools. He had planned never to work underground again and had studied so he would not have to work on tools again. As he contemplated the call that he felt and sacrifice he was paying in leaving what he had so fervently studied for many years, mostly at night schools and after hours. Now face to face with reality of this decision. He bought a small bible that could fit in a hip pouch and in the most adverse condition he started to evangelize in the mines and share his love for Jesus, to the nations that worked there, he did for almost five years. He remained on this post, refusing offers of promotion and financial gain, he chose to stay in the frontline and reach the lost. And as he will fondly relate, this was his bible school and training center in which the Holy Spirit discipled and taught him about the nations and this was his testing ground to see if he would stand in the harvest field of Africa and beyond. Many thousands heard the word and relates that before he left, it was revival in the mines, and as the conveyances that were used to lower them into the belly of the earth traveled downwards, many of the hundreds it carried will sing praises to God. Even in the dark tunnels men would greet each other in the name of Jesus and talk jubilantly about the gospel, bringing peace and hope to a then troubled and politically unstable region.

Then in December 1994 he answered a call into the mission field to reach out to the nations, starting at the southern tip of Africa in the Eastern Cape. The call to go further north came later as he responded to God's direction for the All Africa Mission trust, to facilitate the taking of the gospel to the nations. He has turned down many offers of positions in churches and organization to stay in the front line, just as he was discipled in the mines and in the harvest fields of the Northern Province, prior to going down to the Eastern Cape coast. This is still the thrust of his calling to take the love of Jesus to the nations and doing this he works among the poorest of the poor seeing that which others would flee from as a challenge and opportunity to Take my love to the nations from one on one ministry to mass ministry, from handing out tracks or praying for the sick in the hospital. Taking bibles and scripture to those who are unable to buy them, building and planting churches in the cities and rural areas ,traveling by vehicle across the borders to flying in and sometimes walking to where the lost can be found.

Nothing has slowed this passion down for the lost and in 2008 he and his wife Annetjie stepped out in faith to reach out beyond Africa to America and in a revival conference saw how the nations of the world were seeking God and how ripe the Harvest is. Many of European and Eastern nations crying out and seeking God ,seeing this has given him new hope and desire to take the Gospel even further and prompted by this he felt the leading to launch the ministry into the world and in faith and obedience has added an International leg to the ministry, from this point and right now the ministry is ready and going to all the nations and with the same passion as from the beginning to stay in the frontline and reach the lost with all the new technologies and with the most rudiment of them, he is still staying in the frontline and still going to the nations.

Today as the ministry is gearing to reach out more and more and greater works for Jesus the very fundamentals learnt in the mines and elsewhere for twenty years is still leading All Africa Mission and Africa Ministries International into the harvest field. Through many audio and video recording and raising of many disciples a legacy is being born that will carry on into the next generation for as long as the Lord tarries and as promised in the word, when he left his family and home town to follow the bidding of his savior Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Math 19:29. And everyone who has forsaken house, or brethren, or sister, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or lands, for my name's sake ,shall receive a hundred fold, and shall receive everlasting life. Although he cannot see them all ,there are many hundreds of folds and even more as we look into the future, coming from every tribe and tongue singing a new song to the lamb, having washed their garment in his blood and standing before him. And as ever fresh as the fire of God burns in his heart so it burns in the children God has given him and they are taking His love to the nations. Today is now and now is the time for salvation, now is the time for healing, and now is the time for deliverance, now is the time for your miracle.

This is the favorable day to set the captives free, to undo the cords of unrighteousness and as we see the signs of His return all around us, His message to you as supporter, as partner, as fellows laborer in the fields, is not to say tomorrow but look on the fields and see they are whitened unto harvest and the harvesters are already earning an eternal harvest.

Now is the time

His call to you as co-worker is to it now, support now, the time is running out and today as it is called will pass and the harvest that is not reaped will be lost forever and ever.

Now is your time.

Reach out now.

The eternal Spirit and Lord of the Harvest is thrusting you and us into this greatest harvest of all time and the plowman is going to overtake the reaper

Amos 9:13
Now is the time, God bless you as you do it

This is what in the heart of evangelist Rick v/d Walt and this is his message to you



1. Equipment/material to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ

2. Evangelist/outreach member care:

i) In the field and in between outreach.

ii) Family care during and after outreaches

3. Welfare for needy

4. Christian relief organization


1. Preaching -Mark 16:15-20

2. Loving
i) Healing: Body, Soul, Spirit

ii) Deliverance: Set captives free

3. Teaching

i) Gospel and

ii) Lifestyle

4. Caring teams:

i) Teach to help self

ii)Teach to help others


Equipping evangelists/teaching and practical outreaches.

Part time worker are exposed to harvest fields.

Work with local churches to recognize those gifted

Teach : Fundraising, support teams, prayer teams



To establish a base to work from, to facilitate workers and families, to train and to heal the wounded soldiers.


A. Work with the body of Christ.

B. Go to every nation.

(i) Local evangelist. Train disciple
(ii) Reach other nations with them

    Southern Africa
    Africa and the rest of the world, to all the nations
    Africa Ministries International


Establish an Outreach Organization. A large hearted,determined,outreach minded organization. Using many smaller highly effective teams.


Take my LOVE to the nations John 3:16 , 1 Tim 1:5,John 15:13.Starting from the southern tip of Africa northwards to the ends of the earth.

SOUTHERN AFRICA                                           AFRICA                                                     INTERNATIONAL
 (Short term)                                                        (Medium)                                                       (Long term goals)

Not just to plan and pray but to Go!!!

Where others won't go and to be among the leaders in the fields, but still as soldiers for Christ. To put the kingdom of God first in all things. To rise up disciples in every nation, tribe and tongue to perpetuate the work. To support and encourage support from all who put God's kingdom first. In the process to teach the local churches to evangelize and take over shepherding in their own areas and in turn draw support to go forward with the work.

We are inter-denominational, cross cultural, outreach minded organization, striving to work hand in hand with the body of Christ .Churches, organization, individuals) towards bringing the kingdom of God on earth.

Math 24:14,Math 6:33

A no-profit faith organization trusting in God to lead and equip His work. We seek to team up with other like minded organization who will work towards a common goal (The Kingdom of God on earth)

Not to duplicate ,but to pool our resources and experience, to be able to use wisely and thriftily God's resources for us. To plan and act upon it with speed and determination, through prayer, conferring and going to every nation, tribe and tongue with the gospel of Christ.

Not to lay down our individual identities as people and organizations but to be united in our differences and be one in the spirit our minds and in unity of the Spirit and rise up as a mature body to do the work HE has commended us to do.

Ps 133     Eph 4:13    Phil 1:27   1 Cor 1:10-13    1 Cor 12:12-31

Our Projects

1. Preach the Gospel

Our outreaches are large and small depending on the logistics.
We use open air and large tents with our mass evangelism outreaches.
During crusades we reach out to the community from house to house.
We also go to the business areas and market place to proclaim or hand out literature and bibles.
When the local laws allow we reach out to hospitals and schools as well
We rally the local churches and believers to participate, if there are none we establish a local church and try to bring a neighboring Pastor to take over
We use follow up material to leave with each new convert and encourage other believers.
We make sure new believers are able to reach us for any follow up requirements

2. Poverty

During outreaches, follow ups, and local area visits we come face to face with poverty and hunger. We start soup kitchens and rally the local community to help with supplies, we then turn it over to reliable people who will keep it running after we leave. We are in unique position to identify and reach out to those who are being impoverished and in real need social help.

3. Youth

We teach the youth morality and abstain, using music and choirs to bring message to them. We reach out to the youth and schools, we have seen the whole community change because the youth have repented and their suddenly go up. We warn them about HIV and AIDS and reach out to those affected by it.

4. Hospital.

Where possible we go to the hospitals and minister to the sick with prayer and literature.

5. Literature

We use large amount of spiritual literature to spread the Good News.

6. Multimedia.

We record most of our services to make teaching available for believers and as outreach tools to reach unsaved.

7. Bible

We give out bibles to those who are not able to buy them, to new believers and many of the poor believers


Teaching the word of God is one of our main objectives with follow up and with churches

9. Praying for the sick

This one our main outreach and follow up tools to reach the nations and those who many times do not have any means of help.

10.Now is your time

This is our miracle outreach to the church and the body and we are for such services.



Remember, when you go home to tell them of us and say ,for your tomorrow we gave our today.

The forgotten soldier.


Often times Evangelists are the forgotten soldiers of the faith, having opened the way for many they are soon remembered no more. Except on some foundation stone or district name which many years ago paved the way for the blessings which so many enjoys even to this day? They fight a war against an unseen enemy with the weapons of love and faith, many are wounded and die but they counted the cost and still enrolled in God's army.

Mostly they are not glory seekers, saving it for their King Jesus Christ.

Have you seen any lately?

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