The gospel of the Kingdom is the message that our Lord started with and it is the message that we are to take to all the nations as a witness to them. This is the real message and this is the real task that we as believers are to focus on to fulfill, we need to focus fully on this task and to give all we have to get it done. This is what the Israelites where focused on and this is what is given to us to do, we have a Kingdom and above all we have a King, Jesus Christ,    who has given to us the Kingdom and the great commission of proclaiming it to the ends of the earth.

In acts chapter 1 vs 1 through 8 we Jesus speaking to the the disciples about the Kingdom to such an extent that they thought he was going to restore it at that time. What we need to grasp is that we will not be able to solve all the worlds problems at this time, for centuries man has been trying and instead of things getting better, they are getting worse. Our help and our Kingdom is from above, we need to focus on it and pray as the Lord taught us, "Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven". We also need to recognize the signs of the Kingdom we see, wether it is during the proclaiming of the Gospel or in the world and its politics today. If we are to be alert and ready we are to be found doing the things of the Kingdom, Jesus told us the signs and said when you see these things happening not to fear but to know our salvation is at hand.
And just as we have to be born into the Kingdom of God the whole earth and even the universe has to be born into the Kingdom of God, this is going to take a lot of turmoil and birth pangs to birth God's Kingdom, in fact these pangs are in an advanced stage and it cannot be stopped. The only thing we can do is to do what we are required to do, prepare and even to help so that it can be over sooner and we will be able to celebrate as the old goes and the new comes.

A new heaven and a new earth with all the promises that all the generations have waited for, and we can be the last generation and we can be those that can see the Kingdom restored in this generation. 

My call to you would be lets work together to make it possible, lets pull all our resources and give the Gospel wings, bringing in the harvest of souls as never before, taking this Gospel of the Kingdom to the ends of the earth and closing prophesy to the prayer " Thy Kingdom is come and Thy will is done on earth as it is in heaven.


And this Gospel of the Kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come. 
Math 24:14



If you open a newspaper or turn on the television set most of the news is bad, even terrifying in many cases, and most people are overwhelmed by it to such an extent that is all they can talk about, making them into carriers of bad news. Many times this is even proclaimed from the pulpit compounding the dilemma many times over, it is not that these things are not happening, many are and this is where the Good news of the Gospel comes in.
It is the Power of God for Salvation to everyone who believes
Let me relate to you my revelation of this, being a practical person I learn by doing or God disciples me in the field, this is one of the requests I made as I gave my life to Jesus in 1987, You teach me Lord. During a Hospital outreach I was praying for the sick and I usually move quickly to cover all the beds in the hospital in the visiting hour, I was late and not wanting to be in trouble with the authorities I was rushing to the exit when a lady called me back. It was one of the wards I bypassed because I noticed many family members there and the curtains were closed, are you the priest she asked........Not wanting to disturb her request I became all things to all men, will you come and pray for my.........I followed her to the bed of a young man in his early thirties gasping for air and in the throws of death. Will you pray for him he is dying? I quickly moved beside him and requested his name from the family and began to pray out loudly in Jesus name....Death I rebuke you and I proceeded to intercede and fight for his life. A eerie silence fell over all those present and as I was leaving I proceeded to comfort them and encourage them to believe that God can heal him and raise him up again. I soon became aware that this is not what they had in mind, they saw me as someone who came to read him his last rights and usher him into heaven. I went outside and saw some of the family going to their car laughing and talking in a way that I realized that these people do not know or understand the Gospel in a way that can help them. Disturbed by this I had this thought, who do they think I am, and if I represent God, why is their expectation so low, don't they know that God is able to help them now. It was as if they had no hope in this life and that it was better to die, because then you will be free of your pain, free of your sickness, free of your bondage, free of your sin.

But this is not how it is with God, He is your ever present Savior Now, and Now is the time of Salvation, You can be saved now, you can be healed now, you can be delivered now. Now is the Time, Now is your Time, Now is your Miracle. Reach out Now and be saved from whatever you need to be saved from Now!


Our Events.

We have directed our major thrust into international outreaches we will be available for teaching/healing meetings at venues we are invited to. We also are going to have miracle revival outreaches to churches.You are welcome to attend these meetings, contact us for details, we also come to you or  your venue so to invite a speaker or invite revivalist Ricky.
Our Outreaches.
Outreach to Tanzania, Kenya  and Malawi 2011.
Outreach to Pakistan/India 2011.
Outreach to South African Cities and Towns 2011.
Outreach to Nigeria/Cameroon 2011.
Outreach to Zambia and to Democratic Republic of Congo 2011.
Follow-up outreach to USA 2011.

It is with great expectancy that we greet you, and knowing that God is able to meet all your needs through His Son Jesus Christ, as you browse on this website, our prayer is that your needs will be met and we encourage you to make contact with us to assist you in whichever way we can. We have designed this site with you in mind and our goal is to first reach out to you. You are important to God, no matter who you are, what your circumstances are or where you find yourself now, spiritually, remember God has you in mind right now
Evangelist Ricky and Annetjie van der Walt.  


Early in 2008 I was interceding and worshipping God and in my prayer I was concerned about the souls of men and the reluctance of many to respond to this great dilemma. I was burdened by the Spirit and as I glorified God, I started to do this at the beat of a horseman riding as to war, and in a vision I saw a  large rider on a horse moving in the sky over a vast crowd of people who were onlookers yet looking towards me.
I realized it was Jesus at the head of His army, the white horse of the
Gospel going out across the peoples. In the next few days I felt the need to know more so I searched the scriptures concerning this and also the horseman depicted in the book of Revelation chapter 6. These events correspond to the sermon on the mount in Matthew 24, Mark 13 and Luke 21. Revelation 19vs11 and on, also depicts the Lord Jesus yet the horseman in Revelation 6 are different as the Lamb is opening the seals that release them, the sermon on the mount describes certain warnings of the end of the age and the return of the Lord. The book of revelation gives insight into this as we see the Heavenly action corresponding and even triggering it, this then will lead up to the end of the age and the return of Jesus and all the saints to finalize certain of God's affairs on earth. In the gospels we see that this Gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached and  then the end will come, and as we see the white horse of the gospel going forth, close at his heels are the others the anti-Christ,war,famine,sickness and disease and all the other signs and warnings going out.
And I suppose many times in the course of history this scenario has played itself out and maybe even many times in the last decade, yet there are certain signs  that are lining up that have not been there before and there is but one sign that is holding all this back. This Gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached to all the nations as a witness to them and then the end will come, it is as if the whole of heaven and earth and even creation is groaning as in birth pangs, all creation has been waiting  for the Church to fulfill its calling so that her King can come back and usher in peace. This is Good news, all the suffering and all the pain will come to an end and Jesus will get His rightful place. This will also usher in the culmination of all God has planned through all the ages, even for us our Heavenly Bridegroom and all the wonderful things God has planned that we will share in, His inheritance as sons and daughters of the most High.

What am I saying to you as a child of the most high, rise up this is your time to shine and complete the call that God has placed upon us as a Body. Each one perfectly positioned to fulfill the Gospel, working in harmony as a orchestra and with our eyes upon Jesus as our Heavenly conductor, we all do our part whether great or small and He will reward each accordingly. Let us not take our eyes off the goal and the prize, Jesus Christ, our salvation and hope of Glory.

Finally and in conclusion of what is written in the Word of Prophesy what is your verdict ARE THE HORSEMAN RIDING and what is your response right NOW!

Evangelist: Ricky van der Walt


12/10/2008 young girl prayed for during April/March tent outreach claims healing of Aids, she met team member in town, he was ........
09/10/2008 three ladies healed instantly, one of demonic oppression and sickness, another of pain in thigh and one of intense ear pain.............
02/10/2008 lady cured of heart pulpitations and pain, another limped in and walked out, thirty year old healed instantly of pain and sickness she had since small, she could not even bend but now....................
24/8/2008 many people witness the healing hand of God during a street outreach many were instantly healed of years of suffering............
16/10/2008 people astonished as a painfull lump disapears, a deaf ear opens, a heart pulpitation and pain vanishes, and  helped..............

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I can see your tie... thank you Jesus. Blind 100%one50% other, healed...

Can you see, yes I can see...was blind for 4 years,thanks to Jesus...

She was injured in car accident,could not do sports,ran the100m in...
Cripple with rheumatoid arthritis,running,dancing  the crowds rejoicing.....
Rheumatoid arthritis...... healed and she Jives to....

Arm and hand swollen and painful, would not let go of his hand......

Thank you Jesus over and over as she is freed of pain and demonic oppres..
Partial lame hand grasps immediately, she can .....
His ears where totally blocked, but the moment Pastor Ricky prayed they opened....
All things are possible to those who believe........

Mark 16:15>18

....they shall place their hands on the sick and the shall recover...

Math 10:7>8

.......Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse those who have leprosy, drive out demons.

Mark 9:21>25

........" 'If you can' ?" " Everything is possible for him who believes." I do believe; help me to overcome my unbelief!"

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